Our Chapter

The Louisville Chapter of the ASSP grew from what was known as the Foreman’s Club of Louisville. The group received its ASSE Charter on August 1, 1946. Having requested only the Louisville area, the group instead was assigned all of Kentucky except some Northern counties and one or two Eastern counties. They were also assigned some southern Illinois and Indiana counties.

The following were some of the founding members:

  • James Van Namme Member of 1st Fed OSHA Review Commission
  • Estel Hack Louisville Safety Council
  • Harold Fortney Louisville Fire Department
  • Jess Franklin USF&G
  • L.J. Dunman Sr. L.J. Dunman
  • S.H. Chambers 1st Chapter President
  • Joe Glass Liberty Mutual
  • Ray Guesland Promoted barriers between lanes on Watterson Expressway
  • Roy Nichols Training for Women at Mengel Company, now Kroeler
  • L.J. Dunman Jr. Attended meetings before the ASSE charter was granted

Durning the early years of the Louisville Chapter, meetings were held at the old Children’s Hospital for approximately ten years, then were moved to the Mayflower Hotel. L.J. Dunman Jr. was Region VII Vice-President from 1970-73, followed by Maury Clay (GE) 1973-77, and then L.J. Dunman Jr. again from 1977-81.

Pete Muntan (1952-53) was brought to American Standard to play football on a semi-pro team.

The Louisville Chapter attempted to raise money by raffling off a pig, donated by member William Kiefers (1968-69) who was employed by the Fisher Packing Company. This event was very much frowned upon by National ASSE as “non-professional”.