The Louisville Chapter of the ASSP grew from what was known as the Foreman’s Club of Louisville. The group received its ASSE Charter on August 1, 1946. Having requested only the Louisville area, the group instead was assigned all of Kentucky except some Northern counties and one or two Eastern counties. They were also assigned some southern Illinois and Indiana counties.

The following were some of the founding members:

  • James Van Namme Member of 1st Fed OSHA Review Commission
  • Estel Hack Louisville Safety Council
  • Harold Fortney Louisville Fire Department
  • Jess Franklin USF&G
  • L.J. Dunman Sr. L.J. Dunman
  • S.H. Chambers 1st Chapter President
  • Joe Glass Liberty Mutual
  • Ray Guesland Promoted barriers between lanes on Watterson Expressway
  • Roy Nichols Training for Women at Mengel Company, now Kroeler
  • L.J. Dunman Jr. Attended meetings before the ASSE charter was granted

Durning the early years of the Louisville Chapter, meetings were held at the old Children’s Hospital for approximately ten years, then were moved to the Mayflower Hotel. L.J. Dunman Jr. was Region VII Vice-President from 1970-73, followed by Maury Clay (GE) 1973-77, and then L.J. Dunman Jr. again from 1977-81.

Pete Muntan (1952-53) was brought to American Standard to play football on a semi-pro team.

The Louisville Chapter attempted to raise money by raffling off a pig, donated by member William Kiefers (1968-69) who was employed by the Fisher Packing Company. This event was very much frowned upon by National ASSE as “non-professional”.

2017-2019 Matthew Summers Safety First Resources, LLC
2015-2017 Sarah Carty Smith Management Group
2014-2015 Melissa Medley Advanced Safety & Health
2013-14 Wilson Frazier Caldwell Tanks
2012-13 Corey McIlvoy KY Association of Counties
2011-12 Amanda Masterson Genpak, LLC
2010-11 Michael Neason E.ON/US
2009-10 Kim Frost Kellogg’s
2008-09 Don Coats Wells Fargo
2007-08 Barry Spurlock Midwest Ins. Alliance
2006-07 Steve Williams Hitachi Cable, Inc.
2005-06 Tanis Marquette
2004-05 Mike Ray
2003-04 Jonathan Brown
2002-03 Bart Leist
2001-02 Michelle Ashby
2000-01 Nannette N. Edwards MSD
1999-00 Ronnie Hall, Jr. PW & Milward Inc.
1998-99 Brooke Beyerle TES Group Inc.
1997-98 Theresa Bivens Lifetech, Inc.
1996-97 Donald F. McGill Reynolds Aluminum
1995-96 Dan Hunter KY League of Cities
1994-95 Tom Whitley Cardinal Group
1993-94 Butch Kinsella Cardinal Insulation
1992-93 Don Robinson Liberty Mutual
1990-92 Vernon Adair CAN Insurance
1989-90 Ron Martin Goodrich
1987-89 Frank Gradisek Phillip Morris
1986-87 Fred Bonnewell LG&E
1985-86 Leon Johnson Bremmer Biscuit
1984-85 Lomer G. Johnson Brown Forman
1983-84 Hersil L. Miller Kaiser-Filtrol
1982-83 Virgil L. Flannery ALEXIS
1981-82 Louis N. Gutermuth P. Lorillard
1980-81 Keith C. Binns Reynolds Aluminum
1979-80 James A. Kratt MSD
1978-79 Michael D. Maguire AGC
1977-78 Dick D. White General Electric
1976-77 Peter A. Bramley Fireman’s Fund
1975-76 George Reed, Jr. Brown & Williamson
1974-75 Robert W. Moore Harshaw Chemical
1973-74 Barry K. Holder KY Labor Cabinet
1972-73 Robert McFarland Ford
1971-72 Allen G. Bailey Corps of Engineers
1971 Jerome D. Vonderhaar Rohm & Haas
1970-71 Charles Shontz Shenley Cooperage
1969-70 Eugene E. Roberts TX Transmission
1968-69 William Kiefer Fisher Packaging
1967-68 Curtis Lamb Reynolds Aluminum
1966-67 E.C. Denny Courier Journal
1965-66 Collie Smith Liberty Mutual
1964-65 Jesse R. Geeslin Rohm & Haas
1963-64 Irving Errickson Reynolds Aluminum
1962-63 Joseph E. Sparks Schuler Axle
1961-62 Milton H. Yount DuPont
1960-61 Virgil R. Hall Rohm & Haas
1959-60 Leonard Dunman Mich. Mutual Ins.
1958-59 Walter S. Worthington Corps of Eng.
1957-58 William G. Eldred, Jr.
1956-57 G. Wade Amos Aetna Insurance
1955-56 Earl T. Ober National Distillers
1954-55 Lee W. Robey International Harvester
1953-54 Leslie J. Quinker Shenley Distiller
1952-53 Peter J. Muntan American Standard
1951-52 J.A. Bricken LG&E
1950-51 Joseph Redelberger Brown Forman
1949-50 H.A. Zachari Henry Vogt
1948-49 John J. Cavanaugh Amer. Air Filter
1947-48 Paul S. Johnson Louisville Transit
1946-47 S. Hughes Chambers Tube Turns