Update Your Contact Information!

Mar 07, 2016

Help us help you stay informed. Make sure your contact information is kept up to date.

Society has finally updated the website. www.assp.org now allows you direct access to your own profile. You can add a picture, change your address and phone number and include a bit of information about your career and education.

If you have any trouble accessing your profile please contact Society Customer Service at 1-847-699-2929 or email them at customerservice@assp.org.

Keeping your information current will help us ensure that you are getting all chapter information and publications, as well as news from ASSE Society.

Remember, even when you specifically email us, your chapter officers, and ask us to change an email address you must still change it on your profile. If you do not, the roster will always reflect your out of date information and we will not be able to reach you. Each time we send out mass emails we access a new roster to include new members.

Thank you for helping us.